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Jacky Ickx - Monsieur LeMans

Jacky Ickx - Monsieur LeMans

Although it differs from state to state as well as country to country, not like being able to finally drive. I remember watching either one of my parents in fascination if it dawned on me it was almost my own time to shine driving of just one of my parents' cars.
However, just because there is a law that states when someone is really old enough to accept the car keys and drive themselves to and from work as well as to and from school, it doesn't necessarily mean that individuals pay attention to or actually follow exactly what the rules are telling them. For example, I have heard plenty of stories of individuals allowing their children shipping to hi to drive tractors and other sorts of farm equipment should they live on a farm or are traversing to a farm where they have a friend or family member who actually lives there. How do you feel about this kind of thing though? How would you feel about a ten year-old driving a take down old Ford truck that "supposedly" is only able to get around enough to look at them a couple of miles?
In the countryside, rules for driving and driving age appear to be, typically, nonexistent. However, take that same child and stick them in to a significantly more urban setting and then there are more people and more obstacles around, and suddenly we all want you to pass by the book. But if you think of it- who actually made or came up with laws and rules for driving which can be still in existence today? And who's to say that the ten year-old doesn't have the maturity or understanding as a way to operate a motor vehicle without the supervision of their parents and devoid of the peer influence of friends (who usually mean well) who are out to get the other in trouble after which laugh about it later?
While there's an age discrepancy, I still cannot help but feel that there are folks who tend to be than qualified to chance a motor vehicle responsibly but who choose not to. Quite frankly, this not enough duress and caring makes me nervous when I'm on the road and have to talk about any part of my driving space with them. For instance, when I what food was car transport express in New Jersey traveling back to North Carolina recently, there was a vehicle behind me that I could have sworn was going to touch the back bumper of my vehicle if I having said that much as stopped slightly. I wasn't sure exactly what the rush was or if this kind of person was only a bad driver. As I later found out, anyone behind me was simply anxious to have ship motorcycle to hawaii off at the next exit. But couldn't she have waited at the much more comfortable distance than literally sitting merely a hair's breadth away from the back bumper of my vehicle?
It's like the woman behind me was somehow attempting to will me into driving faster by being so incredibly all-around my vehicle. And what is worse is the fact that anybody behind her was doing the same to her! So, that knows how things would've solved had I been made to stop short at all!

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